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Our values

Authenticity and passion 

If you are looking for authenticity and originality, you will be enchanted by Oustau Camarguen, once an equestrian centre which is now a 3-star boutique hotel.  Designed to minimise the impact on our environment and to preserve the local architecture and built heritage, the hotel-restaurant offers an enchanting blend of hospitality, warmth and contemporary comforts. 

The hotel...a natural building

Our hotel is committed to an environmentally friendly approach to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment.  The rooms are fitted with LED lighting, thermostatic mixing valves and tap aerators.  We limit packaging, make compost from food waste and recycle.

Our mission... to host you brilliantly  

Here, we will greet you like a frriend.  The traditional hotel service has been replaced by a much friendlier welcome.  The generosity and hospitality of your hosts, the availability and professionalism of the staff will make you feel at home from the moment you arrive.  And they will ensure that your every need is attended to until the moment that you leave.

With a genuine passion for our region, we will help you discover the history of our beautiful Camargue and Provençal traditions.  We can recommend the best sites to visit, help you locate secret hideaways and tell you about all the local activities.

A desire to offer the warmest welcome

Thanks to our customer satisfaction survey, we are constantly improving the quality of our services .  Every year, the hotel is refurbished and embellished to give it a new lease of life.  Renovation, painting, decorating, modernising, updating and landscaping are our main priorities.

A window to the world of art 

The owner of the hotel, Pascale Daweritz, an interior designer passionate about art, has opened the door to creative artistic work in all shapes and forms.  Paintings, sculptures, mosaics and pottery can be found in every corner of the hotel.  In the gardens, corridors, restaurant and on the terrace you can admire the artwork of local artisans inspired by the Camargue's breathtaking scenery.  And to complete this fascinating foray into the world of art and fine objects, in the reception you will find a number of works on painting and the history of art, interior design and books on the area.


Oustau Camarguen
Oustau Camarguen
Oustau Camarguen
Oustau Camarguen
Oustau Camarguen