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Located 50 km from the hotel, Nîmes is steeped in Roman heritage.  Take a step back in time and discover Nïmes' famous arenas, Maison Carré (Roman temple), Tour Magne (Roman tower), Temple of Diane and the numerous museums which retrace the history of the town from Antiquity to the present day...


Our favourites:

  • The town's famous Arenas, Roman amphitheatres, which seated no less than 25 000 spectators during animal fights and gladiator fights.  Today the arenas host ferias and bullfights as well as numerous other cultural events. 
  • The gates and walls of Nîmes, a gift from the Emperor Augustus: Porte Auguste, Porte de France, Tour magne (relics of the ancient wall), Temple of Diane and Castellum Divisorium, a testament to the importance of the town in ancient times.
  • Maison Carrée is the best preserved Roman temple in the world.  Inspired by the temples of Apollon and Mars Ultor in Rome, the building is 13,54 m wide and 26,42 m long.
  • The musuem of ancient Nîmes (the life of inhabitants from the end of the Middle Ages), the archeological museum and natural history musuem, Beaux-Arts museum (Flemish paintings), bullfighting museum (Nïmes and Spanish bullfighting).
  • Not to be missed: Féria de Pentecôte (Whitsun feria, end of May, beginning of June) and Féria des Vendanges in September: carnaval parades, penas and bodegas on the streets, bullfighting in the arenas and bulls released in the streets of Nîmes.

Oustau Camarguen
Oustau Camarguen
Oustau Camarguen